October 5, 2018

Ordering Instructions


Ordering Procedure:

  1. Try to plan ahead! When an item is in stock, we can typically get it to you within 10 business days. If you have a time-sensitive deadline due to an event, contact us as soon as possible so that the product can be sourced in time.
  2. Email the list of items and quantities desired to: jc@northsidepromotion.se
    Please pay attention to the minimum quantities noted in each product description.

Be sure to also include:

  • Your contact details including phone number
  • A delivery deadline (if one exists)
  • Your delivery destination address
  • Your choice of invoicing process:
    • Purchase order through Ericsson Buyer
    • Private billing through a personal invoice, credit card or Paypal
  1. We will respond to your email with an Order Summary document that will include prices and any applicable shipping costs.
  2. When ordering on Ericsson Buyer, use the information in the Order Summary document to create your Purchase. Our company is listed on Ericsson Buyer as: North Side Sport AB. For private billing, please specify invoice, credit card or Paypal.
  3. Once your Purchase Order is created, email it to us. You will typically receive your order within 10 business days of your PO transmission to us.

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Contact us if you have any questions:
Peter Hofman email
Phone: +46 (0)70 698 6847